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Meet Your Pets’ Best Friends

At Hardee Animal Clinic P.M.A. in Wauchula, FL, we offer our extensive experience and knowledge to provide your pets with the best and proper medical care that they need. Let your fine furry friends experience the genuine love and caring that they deserve: compassion and unequaled medical attention.

Dr. William Lovett, Jr., Veterinarian

No 2 medical cases can be exactly alike. That is why Dr. Lovett does extensive research to find the most ideal treatment for your pets. Dr. Lovett’s more than 31 years of experience with large and small animal care is further developed through continuous pursuit of innovative treatments and the latest technology.

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Leigh Sockalosky, Office Manager

Rely on Leigh to keep you constantly updated on your pet’s status through the daily reports she provides. She loves all types of animals and proudly points out the value of personal attention that goes into pet care.

A veterinary technician for more than 17 years, Leigh’s devotion to animal care is an endearing display of professional dedication. She goes at lengths to stop traffic to move turtles to safety or stays up all night to tend to an ailing horse.


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